Holland & Hart has long been in the vanguard of supporting the success of women attorneys—both within the firm, by providing training, mentoring, and leadership opportunities, and outside the firm, by encouraging business development opportunities and supporting a healthy work-life balance.

Our women's initiative brings together men and women, partners and non-partners, from across the firm who are committed to fostering an environment where women attorneys can thrive. Our more than 60 members discuss issues, plan educational programs, host networking events, advocate for policy changes, and strive to advance the personal and professional lives of all women lawyers at the firm.

Our three-pronged mission

  • To create an open and diverse forum to raise and assist in the resolution of women's issues within our firm.
  • To empower women lawyers to succeed within our firm structure, in developing business, and otherwise in furthering their careers and lives.
  • To create a network of women lawyers who continuously assist other women lawyers to progress.

A long history of supporting women attorneys

Holland & Hart has been on the forefront of women's issues for many years, promoting women to partnership and leadership roles and implementing family-friendly policies long before they were commonplace. Today, we continue to be steadfast in our commitment to our women lawyers—not just in our policies, but in our firm culture and our day-to-day practice.


We have been promoting women to equity partnership in impressive numbers for nearly 40 years, having elected our first female equity partner back in 1978. Today, 29% of our partners are women.


For decades, we have cultivated women attorneys to positions of leadership within the firm. We had our first female managing partner back in the 1980's and our first female firm chair more than a decade ago. Today, another impressive woman serves as our managing partner; 40% of our management/compensation committee members are women; 3 of our 7 practice group leaders are women; nearly half of our firm committees are chaired by women; and women lawyers are significantly involved in every one of our firm committees.

Parental Leave

We were one of the first firms in our region to adopt a maternity leave policy in the 1980's, providing up to six months of leave (some paid, some unpaid)—practically unheard of at the time. Today, we continue to provide one of the most generous parental leave policies in the region for both mothers and fathers.

Flex-Time Policies

We were an early-adopter of a formalized reduced hours policy, enabling lawyers to work on a reduced time basis, and have long supported flexible work arrangements for both reduced and full-time attorneys. Our first reduced-time attorney took advantage of this opportunity over 25 years ago.

Biennial Retreats

We host retreats every other year where women attorneys from across the firm come together, discuss issues and ideas, and spend time with one another. This is always one of our best attended and most highly-regarded events. After our last retreat, one attendee remarked, "It was wonderful to meet so many of my women colleagues from the various H&H offices. We have tremendous diversity of people in the firm." Another said, "It was very helpful to meet other women at different stages in their careers who could give good, practical advice."

Lunch ‘n Learn Sessions

We regularly host speakers from both inside and outside the firm to address issues affecting both men and women. These lunchtime sessions are open to all attorneys and are well attended. Past topics include non-profit board service, public speaking, body language, and leadership in and outside the firm, among others.

Networking Events

We host periodic events for our female attorneys to network with clients in different settings. For instance, for one of these events, we hosted a private viewing at an art museum for women lawyers and clients.

Monthly Committee Meetings

Our Women's Forum committee meets each month to plan and discuss upcoming events, discuss and strategize on initiatives, and discuss other issues and ideas. We have several active sub-committees that meet on a more frequent basis to work on such issues as mentoring, policy ideas, and event planning.

Working Mother

In 2020, Holland & Hart was recognized for the tenth time as one of the "Best Law Firms for Women" by Working Mother. As a firm that has been recognized ten times or more, the firm also earned designation on Working Mother’s Hall of Fame.


In 2020, Holland & Hart received a "Gold Standard Certification" from the Women in Law Empowerment Forum (WILEF) for the tenth consecutive year. We are one of only 12 firms across that country that have received this recognition every year since WILEF began the award in 2011.

Women in Law Hackathon

Holland & Hart was one of 50 law firms in the country invited to participate in the inaugural Women in Law Hackathon, a pitch competition sponsored by the Diversity Lab, held at Stanford University in June, 2016, designed to generate innovative ideas to tackle recruitment, advancement and retention of women in law firms. Our partner Chris Groll was on the winning "Smarties" team that won the $25,000 prize, donated to Ms. JD. Holland & Hart is now participating in the Hackathon Alliance, working with Diversity Lab to implement the ground-breaking SMART system, focused on solutions to measure, advance and reward talent.

Mansfield Rule

Holland & Hart has participated in the Mansfield Rule program, an initiative to boost the representation of diverse lawyers in law firm leadership, since its inception. In 2020, the firm achieved Mansfield Certification Plus status for the third consecutive year.


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