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Holland & Hart News Update
The Internal Revenue Code provides for dollar limitations on benefits and contributions under qualified retirement plans. Today, the Internal Revenue Service announced the 2015 cost-of-living adjustments affecting dollar limitations for qualified retirement plans.
Author(s) - Melissa Starry
Holland & Hart News Update

Today the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Inspector General (“OIG”) published a proposed rule to amend 42 C.F.R. § 1001.952.  If adopted, it would revise certain safe harbors to the anti-kickback statute and add safe harbors providing new protections.  In proposing to modifying the safe harbors, the OIG’s goal, consistent with statute, is to “protect beneficial arrangements that enhance the efficient and effective delivery of health care and promote the best interests of patients, while also protecting the federal health care programs and beneficiaries from undue risk of harm associated with referral payments.” 79 Fed. Reg. 59719 (October 3, 2014).

Holland & Hart News Update
Since the first requests for exemptions were filed in late May 2014, the commercial unmanned aircraft system (“UAS,” commonly known as “drones”) community has been wondering how long it would take the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) to act, and how the FAA would apply section 333 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012. After four months of evaluating whether use of UAS in the film and television industry (“Film Industry”) would pose a hazard to other aircraft or to people and property on the ground, the FAA issued authorizations to seven Film Industry companies that filed coordinated exemption requests. Because of the commonalities among the initial set of exemption requests, the FAA circulated for public comment only one petition from this group and applied all of the comments to each of the coordinated exemption requests.